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Advanced Sampling Trick 1 ( Triton )

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2002 11:28 pm    Post subject: Advanced Sampling Trick 1 ( Triton ) Reply with quote

Sampling Trick 1.
I’m going to start up a few posts over the following weeks explaining some advanced Sampling Tricks. So here is the first one.

Reversed build-ups using only effects looped.
This is a very powerful effect that can be expanded on as far as your imagination goes. It’s an extremely popular effect that is preformed in most chart hits of today. You will know what I’m on about when you hear the end result. All the big named programmers use this effect a lot.

The only catch is, you need a PC to completely pull this off.

Select a pad sound off the Triton. Edit and add an extremely crazy amount of Wet Plate reverb to the sound. Now go to the insert effects and add a crazy amount of Early Reflection to your sound also.

Now using your PC, record (mono) in a selection of notes along the full length of the Triton (C2, G2 C3 G3 C4 G4 and so on). Play each note for only 1 second, but keep the recording going for 5 seconds, then stop. When you have that done. (this is the cool bit) Delete 4 seconds from the start of each sample you recorded. We are now left with only the effects of the reverb and not the actual sound of the pad.

Save these samples to disk and setup each one in a Multisample on the Triton. Now using the Triton loop and reverse every single sample of the multi sound you just created. You will not find the loop point by simply searching, so you will need to use the cross fade feature to loop your samples. When you have that done, Convert MS to Program. At this point you will have a fantastic pad sound that is designed to be used in a breakdown section of your song, just before you kick back in to the main chorus. Add effects to your program as you see fit. Effects like Chorus and Flanger always go down a treat. Now to apply your pad effect to your Breakdown. Using your new program in sequencer mode, record a chord to match the key that your song is using. Record this chord for the full length of the breakdown section of your song. Using the control data on page 5 on the Triton. Set the volume to go from 10 to 127 for the duration of the breakdown.

The end result is simply fantastic. Its hard to describe what it sounds like, but just imagine, what your hearing is not the actual sounds you sampled, but only the effects of the Triton looped and reversed into something completely new.

To add to this, try using other effects on the Triton, after and before you sample the sounds. The limit is only your imagination. This is preformed in Studios across the world.

Remember sampling tricks like these will take a lot of time to create. It’s a fact of life in the Studio. And this is what the pro’s have to do.

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