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Studio Programming of Dance Gates. ( Triton )

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2002 12:19 pm    Post subject: Studio Programming of Dance Gates. ( Triton ) Reply with quote

Ever wondered how most of the dance tunes get that kick ass gated effect sounding extremely hot and perfectly in time with the music. Well this is how.

Rather than using actual music values of the notes, we are going to use the parameter Guide manual for the Triton in stead. Simply because you would be surprised as to how many people don’t know what the heck a quaver or a crotchet actually is in relation to time.

So turn to page 61. Do you see the notes 0:96, 0:48 and 0:24. Well there will be the only 3 notes we will  be using for this gate programming effect. OK, time to start programming.
Go to the Sequencer mode and select strings for Track 1. Now go to page 5 in the sequencer mode and select “Step Record” from the pull down menu at the top right of the screen.
Set the note Duration to 50 percent.

Step 1: Now set the Step time note to the 0:96 value that it is the manual.
Now play the note C3 once.
Step 2: After you played the note, change the step time note to 0:48 and this time play the note C3 twice.

Ok, all you need to do not is go back and repeat steps 1 and 2, 3 more times.
After you have that completed, press the button done on the screen.
Now change the Track number under the name of the song to Track 2.
After you have that done, again select “Step Record” from the pull down menu. This time select the note 0:24 and press the rest button once. Now repeat steps 1 and 2, 4 times. When completed, press the done button.

Now we need to change this data into control data.
Go back to the pull down menu and select “Event Edit” from the menu and touch OK.
You should now see a complete list of all the notes you entered into track 2. We now need to change these notes to control data. This is simply done by touching the first C3 note on the screen and entering in the number 129 followed by the enter button into the Triton (don’t worry if the Triton was starting on C4, it does not matter) . You should now see the words CTRL C:000  000.
You now have to select every single note on the screen and change them to CTRL C:007   40 using the number pad and entering in the value 129enter. For the C007 just enter 007enter, and for the 40…I’m sure you figured out what you need to press at this point.

When finished press Done.
Now change back to Track 1.
And now go back into the Event Edit mode.
Using the same techniques as you used in Track two, change all the notes in Track 1 to CTRL C007  127. When completed press Done. Ok only one more thing left to do and we can then listen to out programming. From the pull down menu select “Bounce Track”. Set  “From:” to 2 and “to:”1 and press OK. Excellent job well done. Press the exit button and go to the Preference page touch the loop all tracks circle. Now press the start button. Wondering why you cant here any sound….well play a chord on the Triton and now listen. Dam cool isn’t it. You are now listening to a kick ass gated effect intime with the music. For those that like to jump the gun and hear the end results before actually going to the bother of programming this, load this SNG file into your Triton, press play and start playing some cords.


Have fun with this programming, and remember that the only limitation to this effect is your imagination.

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