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PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:32 pm    Post subject: FYI Reply with quote

FYI- For everyone who owns any kind of synthesizer. Invest in knowledge as well as gear.

"To me the synthesizer was always a source of new sounds that musicians could use to expand the range of possibilities for making music."
Bob Moog
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice find, thanks.
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've seen that Once Upon a Synth channel before and I like his content.

Absolutely agree that Sound on Sound is probably the best, most objective resource out there. Shout outs to Gordon Reid for synthesis and Mike Senior for mixing. I think it took me a full year to get through Reid's Synth Secrets. Never once did I simply read one of his, or any SoS article, without applying the techniques using my own gear.

Syntorial is excellent and I'd love to pick up the full version someday when I have a spare $130 laying around. Syntorial is the best hands-on synth tutorials out there and they even extend the tuts to popular synths like Serum. Can't recommend that one enough.

Syntorial and SoS are probably all you'll ever need.

I don't recommend SeamlessR. He talks a lot while somehow explaining little about what he's actually doing. To his credit, I have gotten a lot out of his drum tutorials along with tuts by Kill the Noise and Culprate.

I agree that content sites like SonicAcademy and Udemy can streamline your learning process. I've paid for a lot of that kind of content and some of it is understandably hit or miss. Saw some Kronos vids on one of those sites that don't go nearly as in-depth as my own free videos for example.

Towards the end of the video he says "Try different synths" and I couldn't agree more. I'm always trying out different synths and plug-ins and learn sooo much from manuals. It's honestly humbling when some new tech comes out that uses terminology or techniques that you're unfamiliar with. Or even trying an emulation of some vintage gear that does something that's fallen out of flavor with the mainstream. I highly suggest running Arturia's trials as they often take some old synth like a Prophet and put a new spin on it. As far as trying out other plug-ins and synths there's Melda, Waves, and UAD if you have an Apollo. I honestly won't even consider a company's products if they don't offer fully functional demos.

Another thing that I like to do is watch a Virus video or something and do what they're doing with my own synthesizer. Direct comparisons are actually one of my favorite things. Similarly when I am running a trial synth like Largo for instance, I'll go through and mark my favorite factory patches. Then I'll program those sounds into my own keyboard which always demystifies what's actually going on.
Let me go into an example. Let's say I want to copy a patch from Largo onto the Kronos. The first thing I'll want to do is ask myself if it's even possible to copy the patch. Is there something that would disqualify my synth from even making the sound in the first place? Does the patch use sophisticated granular techniques or wavetables? Once I know that my synth is capable it's very important to create two instances of the synth I'm copying from. In this example that would be two instance of Largo, one with the patch I want to copy and one with an initialized preset. Then I'll go through each synth parameter one by one, copying the behavior of each setting onto the blank instance and mimicking that behavior with the Kronos or what have you. Almost always I'll start with the oscillator sources, matching the exact amplitude of the waveforms. Then move onto modifiers like the filter. To match the exact cutoff point I would boost the resonance of the the Largo filter and put the Largo filter where it needs to be. Then listen to the beating frequency of the self oscillating Kronos filter while tuning it to match the correct position. Lastly I'll move onto modulation control sources like envelopes and LFO's. I have techniques on how to get the exact settings for those too but this post is already too long.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 10:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not directly Kronos related, but I just came across it myself: https://vcvrack.com/

This is an Open Source fully fledged modular synthesizer that runs on Windows, Linux and OSX. I mention it because it is a really useful playground for trying out things and learning about synthesis, and it is freely available for anyone to use. And besides, being Open Source (BSD license), there is a lot of knowledge in how the engine is implemented and works that stays in the open, available for those who are interested (https://github.com/VCVRack/Rack).

Of course, once you put something together there, you can always bring that back into the Kronos as our beloved friend will be able to replicate the majority of what can be achieved in Rack Smile
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