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PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 11:15 am    Post subject: Question Reply with quote

Since the M1 legacy VST has the same drum kit layout format as the Kronos, I've found, I was wondering if the Triton and or M3 follow suit as in drum kit layout format?
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yup, they all have the same layout. There will be minor variations between a Jazz or Orchestral kit within the workstation itself for sections outside of GM drums, but otherwise the workstations have the same mapping.

Finalized Korg Drum Note Map:
MIDI Standard Section:
A6 Triangle
G#6 Triangle Mute
G6 Open Cuica
F#6 Mute Cuica
F6 Wood Block Low
E6 Wood Block Hi
D#6 Claves
D6 Guiro Long
C#6 Guiro Short
C6 Whistle Long
B5 Whistle Short
A#5 Maracas
A5 Cabasa
G#5 Agogo Low
G5 Agogo High
F#5 Timbal Low
F5 Timbal High
E5 Low Conga
D#5 Open Hi Conga
D5 Mute Hi Conga
C#5 Bongo Low
C5 Bongo High
B4 Ride 2
A#4 Vibraslap
A4 Crash 2
G#4 Cowbell
G4 Splash
F#4 Tambourine
F4 Ride Bell
E4 China
D#4 Ride 1
D4 High Tom
C#4 Crash
C4 Hi-Mid Tom
B3 Low-Mid Tom
A#3 Hi-Hat Open
A3 Low Tom
G#3 Hi-Hat Pedal
G3 High Floor Tom
F#3 Hi-Hat Closed
F3 Low Floor Tom
E3 Snare 2
D#3 Clap
D3 Snare 1
C#3 Sidestick
C3 Kick 2
B2 Kick 1

Korg Extended Sections:
C8 Applause
B7 Crowd Cheer
A#7 Bell Tree
A7 Snare Marching Mute
G#7 Snare Marching Roll
G7 808 Maraca
F#7 808 Clap
F7 808 Cowbell
E7 808 Crash
D#7 808 Hi-Hat Open
D7 808 Snare
C#7 808 Hi-Hat Closed
C7 808 Kick
B6 Mark Tree
A#6 Shaker
A#2 Snare 8
A2 Snare 7
G#2 Snare 6
G2 Snare 5
F#2 Snare 4
F2 Snare 3
E2 Kick 7
D#2 Kick 6
D2 Kick 5
C#2 Kick 4
C2 Kick 3
B1 Reverse Snare
A#1 Reverse Cymbal
A1 Snare 13
G#1 Snare 12
G1 Snare 11
F#1 Snare 10
F1 Snare 9
E1 Kick 12
D#1 Kick 11
D1 Kick 10
C#1 Kick 9
C1 Kick 8
B0 Hi-Hat 11
A#0 Hi-Hat 10
A0 Hi-Hat 9
G#0 Hi-Hat 8
G0 Hi-Hat 7
F#0 Hi-Hat 6
F0 Hi-Hat 5
E0 Hi-Hat 4

That's my own bit of organization. I don't know of a Korg drum map that exists but I'd be surprised if there isn't an official one somewhere. I made a sophisticated Cubase drum map based off that... but that's for some tutorial down the road.
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