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Sticks you guys might want to check out

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 3:07 pm    Post subject: Sticks you guys might want to check out Reply with quote

Hello all.

I finally got my first Wavedrum (GBL) two days ago and thanks to all the past contributions to this forum my only questions now are related to wiring mods (as the photos in that thread are no longer working).

I'll save all that for another day. So for now just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has pitched in with information and wisom over the years.

And to recommend those of your who have been struggling with stick response, to maybe check out the Lidwish/Adoro "silent sticks" I have been using.

I'm hesitant to just post a direct link to the shops. I don't want anyone to think I'm here as a salesman or anything. So I'll drop a link to a basic review instead.


They are sold as "Lidwish silent sticks" in the USA and "Adoro Silent sticks" in Europe. But they are the same thing. (Mr. Lidwish invented them and has since franchised it out)

I got them for the stated purpose. i.e. volume control on acoustic kits (for which I can vouch they are excellent). But having faffed about with the Wavedrum now, they also have the extremely helpful quality of bouncing quite well on low rebound surfaces.

I have the drumhead tuned to one full turn of each lug on the WD (any more started to take the life out of the sound/response for me). And I can comfortably do open and closed rolls/any rudiment I can do with regular sticks on a normal pad or drum. There is obvs a little more nuance needed with your fingers like any lightweight stick vs heavy. You certainly don't get that sense of energy and momentum 5B+ gives you. But then the effort to change said energy is virtually 0 so it all balances out for me.

Still if you hate Jazz sticks already these things will definitely not change your mind!

I'm Still running the stock rubber pad/plate calibrated as it was out of the box too along with the original head for what that's worth. Probably going to order an Ambassador Suede in the next few days unless someone has a better suggestion?

I'd say the rebound feels maybe about like a medium tuned rack tom with normal sticks. Definitely somewhere in between a sensibly tuned Snare and floor tom for me anyway.

Which is more than I can say for my regular sticks which feel like hitting a cardboard box!

I'll try and uploaf a video later to illustrate if I get a chance.

They are very thin. Not quite chopsticks, but definitely in the ballpark of something weird like an 11a. (12-13mm D with my tape measure, 11a's are 15mm I think)

Personally after a brief adjustment I had no trouble with controlling them. But I made a point of switching weights and sizes of sticks since I started drums. Might prove a little awkward for some of you who aren't used to something so light and thin. (or perhaps those of you with massive hands IDK)

I have only been playing for two years so some of you will have a more refined opinion. But IMHO they fundamentally behave like a normal stick. Just at a lower energy level so to speak.

But in our case that's a really good thing! Every patch I have tried had similar dynamics with these things as using my hands.....arguably better tbh (I'm finding the rim harder to get the most out of with my hands). The dynamic range just seems to closely match what already felt natural to me if that makes sense?

I.e. a comfortable but strong accent seems like it hits the peak response from the voice in question, down to the ghostiest of ghost notes at the bottom.

I had a couple I had to really smack to get everything out of (132 stands out). But they were also the same patches I found a little more of an effort to play with my hands too.

I have however yet to find a single patch where I had the opposite problem and needed to really to tone myself down (unlike with more conventional sticks).

I have also found they work especially well on the rim too. Because the tip is so much softer than the shaft (make your own jokes), you can pretty easily throw in accents like you would with a rimshot just by letting the shoulder make contact. (even easier than it sounds due to the shoulder being slightly wider than the tip)

And because they are made of plastic and so light, I'm not sure I could chip the paint if I tried. (I can actually play with some spirit on a glass cup with these things and not worry about breaking it)

Anyway, by digging these things out of my stick bag I went from a vaguely dissapointed "I see what they mean about the stick response", to "OH WOW I can just play this like a regular drum now!"

I figure at least one of you out there would feel the same Very Happy

I'll try to answer any questions if you have them.

Love to you all.

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