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Record Combi Midi data into Protools Ultimate

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PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2022 11:47 pm    Post subject: Record Combi Midi data into Protools Ultimate Reply with quote


This is exactly what I am trying to do with Kronos only this gentlemen in the youtube video is using the Karmas USB Midi Port and Proaudio Software.

I am using the REAL DIN Midi port on Karma that goes to the MOTU MIDI
Patchbay Port 1 and slightly different software ProTools.

Now I did his process as best as I could and I think it almost worked the first time but Im now experiencing some weird results. The playback right now is 1/8th Speed.

First Question is could some of my issues be that when I copy the next combi over to the sequencer it could be leaving some un overwritten tracks behind.

Do I need to delete song 001 that I keep overwriting completely?
Making it a clean Slate each time.??

Its almost like motu's sync port is missing from the picture. I had to turn off all the other instruments because all hell was breaking loose.

As soon as I tell Kronos to (sync midi out) or (midi out auto)and start the sequencer recording things start locking I get some data recorded but it doesnt start and stop right theres a background clock ticking until I unplug the midi out cable on Kronos.

Ive had these keyboards recording midi from just an internal kRONOS cOMBI on the fly One midi track with just the keyboard local controller playing..... records my fingers just fine... Love it...

Now I want more than just my fingers, I want the bass line and drums and all the other Kronos goodies to be recorded midi too.

During the same Take, I want the Karma and the M50 perched, ready to take over everything and or just add to with their Tracks.

Everybody has their very own in-out midi port and audio....

Audio Midi Setup each device was given its own Midi Id . Computer =0
Kronos=1 Karma=2 M50=3 QY70=4 AW16G=5 N1R=6

Motu Setup Each device has its Own Midi in-out Port
Kronos-1 Karma-2 M50-3 Qy70-4, AW16G-5, N1R-6,

Port 7 & 8 are empty and MOTU reports a Single Sync Port.

6 Devices plus the Sync.

Or Do I throw it all in the garbage and go download the USB Drivers for the Mac and Kronos and the M50. Poor Karma left in the cold.

Thanks in Advance
Gear List MacBook Pro With Avid Sibelius ultimate 2022 and Protools Ultimate 2022(Motu Midi Express XT)-USB2 to MacBook
(2) MOTU 8M Audio Interface
Korg Kronos - Piped Midi port 1
Korg Karma - Piped Midi port 2
Korg M50 - Piped Midi Port 3
Yamaha QY70 - Piped Midi port 4
Yamaha AW16G Piped Midi Port 5 - for burning Master & live Burns
Korg N1R - Piped Midi port 6
Roland JV30 - Piped Midi port 7 - Slave and Vintage Sound
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