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OSIMO, Bonusware, KARMA Platinum - Installation Options Help

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Joined: 01 May 2019
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2023 1:37 am    Post subject: OSIMO, Bonusware, KARMA Platinum - Installation Options Help Reply with quote

Hi Everyone,

I have been reading this forum for years but this is my first post.
I was one of the first in Australia to buy a PA-4X but have only ever used the factory sounds, styles etc. I did install the system updates and currently have v3.1.0 Jul 2019. I have never installed any bonusware styles or additional sounds etc. and have never even added anything to the songbook. This was OK since I have other instruments and have been only playing for myself at home.

Well I'm now retired from work and have an opportunity to join a music club and play for and with others so it's time to get my PA-4X up to date and explore all the options. I have OSIMO v1.3, the full bonusware set from this forum and this week have bought the KARMA Platinum set from GlobalSounds.

I need some advice on installation options for these.

My thoughts are to load OSIMO into the PA-4X replacing the built-in songbook since it has all the same entries and since I have never added any songbook entries of my own, I have nothing to lose.

The KARMA set, I believe writes to various USER slots throughout the system and GlobalSounds recommends loading this set into the machine.

I'm thinking of using the bonusware as a direct set probably installed on the built-in Hard Disk which so far only has one Backup set created long ago. This way the set is always available and the USB Connector remains free in case I wish to install other sets at any time.


1. Is this the best approach or are there better alternatives?

2. I am concerned that loading these various sets will overwrite existing settings.
The bonusware set appears to contain all existing USER styles which came with the various system updates but I have just noticed the system updates also installed some USER Keyboard sets in USER 1-7 eg. Italian Piano. I would not like to lose these keyboard sets. Will the KARMA set overwrite these?

3. If I run the Bonusware set DIRECT from the hard disk will it be fast enough given that it is a mechanical spinning disk and not an SSD. Would the microSD be a better alternative. Not sure if these are available with sufficient capacity to hold the full Bonusware set?

4. Is there any particular order to install these things, does that have any impact?

Forget to mention that I also own KorgPAmanager v3 which I have never used. Not sure if that's of any benefit for me.

Thanks to all in anticipation of your thoughts and help.

Peter A.
Greetings from Windsor District of North Western Sydney, Australia

PA-4X 76, Kawai MP7SE,
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Joined: 12 Jul 2012
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Location: Werribee VIC

PostPosted: Thu Dec 14, 2023 5:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Peter,
I purchased the KARMA Platinum a few days ago and have learnt the following lessons.
Make a backup before you install the Karma Pack (KP)
All current user sounds and drum kits will be overwritten when you install KP
If you have created songbook entries, (styles and MIDIS) which I had over the past 6 years, they will disappear and you revert to the original songbook. #$%^&!!
I worked out you once you loaded KP you then go back to the backup you made, and load the songbook and it will load back all the styles/midis you have created.. phew..
Regards, Ross
OS NEXT 3.1.0
Korg PA4x
Songbook+ app for iPad with Yamaha BT midi interface
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