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Sign Change.org Petition re MIDI Recorder of Yamaha Montage!

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 6:23 pm    Post subject: Sign Change.org Petition re MIDI Recorder of Yamaha Montage! Reply with quote

Hey Korg fans,
a week ago I launched a petition at Change.org regarding the Montage. Yamaha totally screwed up the built-in MIDI recorder which in its present state is a complete and utter train wreck. For the recorder debacle alone Korg is laughing Yamaha out of court right now. Please sign my catalogue of demands. Thank you.


The following petition is aimed at Mr. Takuya Nakata, President and Representative Director of the Yamaha Corporation

Help make an update for the Montage synth a priority for the Yamaha Corporation

With the release of Yamaha's current flagship synthesizer Montage, fans of the now-abandoned Motif series were hopeful that the new instrument would live up to the legacy that the predecessors established. So far their hopes were deceived. Yes, the Montage has its own proprietary built-in MIDI sequencer, called 'Direct Performance Recorder', but unfortunately, upon release, some important features were missing. Basic functions like copying or erasing MIDI data have not been implemented. So far only simultaneous recording of all 16 tracks is allowed – an impossible task with only one pair of hands. One can not fix mistakes made during a recording. There is no point in all of that, due to the fact that we are talking about MIDI data, not audio.

With signing to this petition you ask the Yamaha Corporation to prioritize making an update to the operating system of the Montage synthesizer. These are the recommended improvements:

Implement CONSECUTIVE RECORD: It allows tracks to be recorded one after the other, instead of simultaneously.

Implement LOOP RECORD: Recording takes place repeatedly over a specified area, according to loop point settings.

Implement COPY: This function copies a specified area of recorder data. It is convenient for repeating the same phrase several times.

Implement DELETE: This function deletes a specified area of recorder data, and moves the subsequent data to fill the gap. As a result, the measure length will be shortened by the number of deleted measures.

Implement ERASE: This function erases all the recorder data inside a specified area. As the erased data is replaced by rests, the original measures will remain.

Implement INSERT: This function inserts blank measures into a specified song position.

Implement TRANSPOSE: This function transposes the pitch of notes within a specified area, over a +/- 127 semitone range.

Sign this petition to help make the built-in MIDI recorder of Yamaha's Montage synthesizer useable.

Thank you for participating. 有り難うございます

A link to this petition has been posted at Yamaha's official synthesizer forum. Phil Clendeninn a.k.a. 'Bad Mister', senior technical sales specialist for Yamaha, has been informed.
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