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Kronos 2 88 Questions about purchasing
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bachus wrote:
GregC wrote:
danmusician wrote:
billysynth wrote:
Why can't you be like Apple and Microsoft, and intel, and AMD, and have a tri yearly announcement of your latest beast


I sort of see it both ways. Of course, its better to express possible frustration in another way.

Personally, if I was President of Korg , I would have made a strong effort to have a New Generation W/s in place by last January or January 2017.

I consider that aggressive product marketing. firing up the marketplace with exciting tech and tremendous exciting Programs, etc , as only Korg has that know how and can do.

If they pulled the trigger as I hoped, everyone would be talking about it , and speculating. creating excitement is contagious.

But no.

The K2 is a nice board. Its selling well. Its attractive, even with the dated tech. Selling the K2 reminds me of printing money. Its sure fire profit, which every medium sized corp needs.

Electronics cos are conservatively run. Following that mantra, I can see why we have the K2 this year.

I belong to the school of Think Big or Go Home. But I am not the President of Korg. But if I was...

1) Why would they invest hugely in a new Workstation if they are still market leading with their current one?

2) And when you look closely at the market, the money is not in the high end part... Its the smaller instruments that makes Korg the money, like monologue, APR Odyssey but also the Volca series and the the gadget..

3)And Roland is walking the same path.. they havent released a high end workstation in almost a decade... same goes for Yamaha as the last real upgrade they made to a workstation was the Motif XS..

3)And Kurzweil? PC3 series... they went towards stage piano's after that..

4)Maybe developing a new workstation is just to expensive? altough Korg could make me happy by adding lots of smaller engines like the gadgets to the next workstation... including a new ipad like touchscreen interface (gadget works pretty well).. all things just reusing what they allready have created.. and some hardware updates (64 bit, core i7, 32GB)

5)But ask yourself, what innovations would set the next workstation truely above the Kronos?

We have had this chat before . We can roll out the same remarks.

1) Well run businesses plan. Plan yrs in advance. If they only react to whatever happens today, this month, thats a poorly run co.

2) thats too narrow. There are numerous cos doing the smaller stuff. You don't run a business by reacting to temporary fads or the ' me too ' approach. Thats chasing the market. A well run co has a diverse product line up. Or lets state its a stronger strategy to have diverse products and a range of prices, low to high.

3) I don't care what roland, Yamaha or Kurz does on the high end W/s. They are irrelevant and old news in the niche we are talking about. Not much for reading very old news that is common knowledge.

4) Yep. Everything is expensive. Korg could introduce a $999 keyboard and it could be a market flop( this is just an example to make a point). So all the expense associated with that product flop is an expensive waste. Like I said before, well run cos drive the market and excite the market. Not react and show up as the #3 or #4 choice. Well run cos have to be #1 in a niche. Being #2 means less margin and less profit.

I have a fair estimate what Korg earns in profit on the Kronos. You should not worry 1 bit, that its not much.

I think its a business mistake to be complacent. Simply put, its not enough to be good or very good. You have to be great. This has been the business mantra for some 10, 15, 20 yrs.

5) Korg is way smarter and understands this niche far more than you and I do.
They have all the details and understand/weigh out all the business ( and $ ) .

Essentially, they have all the resources, money , people , tech and operation (factory/assembly) to do what they want. So it boils down to business risk and the dollars ( or yen, kroner, pounds) and how they want to push the marketplace.

while mostly everyone speculates what Korg " should do ". They already know
far more than we do and have assessed it from a business side ( this bores everyone, I think) well in advance.
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