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Cool Synth documentary

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:18 pm    Post subject: Cool Synth documentary Reply with quote

I just love this stuff!

If music is the food of love, play on and play loud!
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It was enjoyable, if short. I've always felt that anything that can be interconnected can be classified as modular, just MIDI reduces the number of cables required. Sure digital enhanced synths can store patches, that is why they are used for performances more often than analogue modulars.

There is that one guy who talks about setting up an evolving patch that he will leave running for days on end. That is something I did on a regular basis when I first got my Microwave XTk and I never saved the patches (an example of one such patch: https://youtu.be/t3fXF2gENnk).
The other fellow who knock-out a tooth skating, his part managed to make me wonder if it was cheaper to put together a modular that sounded like a Roland mono synth than it was to buy an original SH101, MC202 or a TB303. The drums were from a TR505 for crying out loud!

Those bespoke constructions were amazing though. The performance controls for that pyramid looking thing were mind-blowing! Just watching and hearing that was inspiring to try to be more spontaneous in my work and to go back to programming an experimental sound then composing for it.

Anyway, modulars are still a form of synthesis I haven't explored. I've always been fascinated by those walls of electronics that seem to be able to create the sounds that aliens use to navigate the stars with (yeah yeah I was 11 when I saw "Close Encounters...."). An MS-20 is loads of fun, but in the end leaves me wanting more sources and destinations. It's also a "west coast" model synth, the same as every single synth I own. I'd like to break that convention.
Connecting a millions instruments using MIDI, ESP's and CV's is similar to modulars like I mentioned above, but I know it's a different world to true modular synthesis. OSC->Filter->Amp is so ingrained into me I find it hard to think how to do it otherwise, a modular will help expand my synthesis paradigm. Then there is that element of garage computing circa 1979 also that can't be had with non-modular synths. Sure there are boutiques that need to be soldered and constructed, but again it's not the same as in the end you have a self-contained sound creation device.
If I can get past some expenses in the next few weeks, I have two prebuilt modulars in my sights. My main wants out of one are evolving drones and soundscape tools, and, future primitive type percussion. Being prebuilt, there is no room in the case to add any more modules, ensuring I won't go too sick on adding more in for a little while at least.
Stuff I'm using: Umm right now, well there's a Volca Drum, a Micro Freak, an ADX-1, a Pulse, a Blofeld, a UNO Drum, KeyStep/Beatstep Pro/Keystep Pro (one of each), a Circuit, a LiveTrak L-12 and this nonsense: The Brief-case as it was about a bit over a year ago (the the complete ridiculous GAS monster collection here)and here
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