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Korg MS2000B,PS-3 switch pedal problem,XVP-20 cutoff range

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 9:15 pm    Post subject: Korg MS2000B,PS-3 switch pedal problem,XVP-20 cutoff range Reply with quote

Hello everyone.
My name is Sotiris.
I am a keyboard player from Greece.
A few years ago I bought the Korg MS2000B from a friend and since then I ve been using it a lot. Everything worked perfectly. Last year I decided to buy the pedal switch PS-3 and the expression/volume pedal XVP-20 to be more comfortable at my live performances. Mostly I use PS-3 to keep my note continuously playing when I press it and XVP-20 to handle cutoff on my sounds. I was able to do this following these steps: In global edit, I set my pedal as 'foot controller'. 'Foot controller' is CC4. In global edit reassigned the CC of cutoff to 4 (default is 74).
Therefore I have two questions for you : Firstly, how can I limit my cutoff range when I use XVP-20 pedal? I would like to set in different sounds other limit points, for example my starting and lower point at 20 and my finishing and upper point at 90 etc instead of 0 to 120 that happens now. Does anybody know how can I do that? Secondly, during the last soundcheck before a gig, when I switched on the power and started playing and using all my gear, every time I pressed my switch pedal PS-3 my note sounded detuned and a semitone down and when I unpressed it sounded on tune and normal. Also some of my other sounds where transposed a tone down without doing anything! I turned off and on the power and still had the problem and at my next gig a week after, all my sounds where detuned as if I was using a guitar that needed tuning. I tried using another pedal, I updated my firmware, I set the factory preset sounds and then mine but nothing worked. Did anybody have the same problem? Do you have any idea how can I make it work properly?
Thanks in advance for your kind support.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2018 2:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Concerning the range limiting of the expression pedal. You can use a virtual patch.
* Put back the CC for cutoff to 74 in the global parameters.
* In the global parameters, choose either MIDI1 or MIDI2 and set that CC to 4. This routes the expression pedal to MIDI1 or MIDI2
* Choose a virtual patch, choose as source MIDI1 or MIDI2 (as chosen in previous step). Choose as destination cutoff. Tweak the intensity as you wish;

You need to setup the last step in each program where you want to use the Cutoff control using the pedal.

This method routes your pedal via CC#4 to MIDIx. MIDIx is scaled by the intensity parameter of the virtual patch and used to modulate the cutoff. When your pedal is sending 0, the cutoff frequency of the filter will be the one of the cutoff parameter. So use that one for your starting point. When it sends 127, it is reduced by the intensity and determines that way the max modulation. Note, the intensity can also be set to negative values to modulate in the other direction.

Remark that you need to sacrifice a virtual patch in each program. Virtual patches that have intensity set to 0, before you start to tweak, are ideal candidates of choice, as it will not change the character of your program.

Concerning the switch pedal, mmh, I don't know. Did you check once more the global parameter setup for the switch pedal? Your description sounds like the damper functionality is replaced by the portamento function.

Have fun!
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