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Korg Collection Triton crash issues in FL Studio

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Joined: 30 Jun 2020
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:43 pm    Post subject: Korg Collection Triton crash issues in FL Studio Reply with quote

I'm a FL studio user (since 2003, now on version 20.7.1) and purchased the Korg Collection 2 last week to work in FL Studio. Watching the positive review videos on Youtube and reading elsewhere convinced me to indulge.
Overall I'm quite impressed with the VST collection!

In FL Studio, all the other Korg VSTs in the collection appear to be working absolutely fine (wow!) but I've encountered worrying issues with the Triton which I'm sharing in the hope that there may be a work-around someone has found, or Korg could please look into and patch / update???

As a stand-alone install, the Korg Triton is fine. But when used in my FL Studio DAW with ANY Arp instrument, the timing is way out/off-beat with other instruments in playback ( including out of sync with the family of Korg VSTs, they seem to work absolutely ok ).

Making a simple piano-roll pattern featuring the Korg Triton VST and adding to the playlist is really disappointing, consequently exporting a track to audio is a complete waste if the Korg Triton VST is used.

To describe a little further (apologies for non-expert explanation) on making patterns with piano roll / midi-out to the the Korg Triton VST using ANY Arp instrument, the initial note triggered is off-beat, thus the first note does not sound correctly triggered. So when you hear the playback, the "first note" that should be triggered, isn't, and consequently the playback sounds completely off-beat with the rest of the pattern instruments (channels in FL Studio).

Using the FL Studio buffer length and offset adjustment doesn't appear to make any difference whatsoever.

So as long as the Triton VST is not used in FL Studio, working with the other Korg VSTs with FL Studio *piano roll is absolutely fine! Smile

*Regardless whether the Triton VST is in COMBI or PROG mode, the latch engaged or not, the timing is out of tempo with the pattern / other instruments.

There have also been a few screen glitches within the Korg Triton VST user interface that disappear when it is "closed", but occasionally reappear - even if it is the only VST instance in operation.
Apart from that, the tempo adjust in FL Studio seems to work with the Korg Triton VST, and so long as I don't use it in any patterns, the rest of the Korg collection VST's sound lovely! LOL!

I do not believe there is an issue with Fl Studio but I'll keep an open mind.
Like I said, there are no issues with the family of KORG VSTs in the collection, only the Korg Triton VST.
Like I said, as a stand-alone VST (not in the FL Studio DAW) the Korg Triton VST sounds great, midi ok, etc.

I can see there's a hell of a lot of work put into all these KORG VSTs but alas, I can not use the Triton Triton VST in FL Studio, and this is the one VST I really, really, really wanted to work as good as the others! Crying or Very sad

I apologise if this, my first post, is posted under the wrong section.

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Joined: 30 Jun 2020
Posts: 2

PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2020 4:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

An example of screen glitch when Korg Triton is running in FL Studio (version 20.7.1.) - had to be quick to capture this, as the system hangs!

As you can see, the Triton VST is displaying the playlist!
Prior to this screenshot, the Triton VST was added to a channel and looked ok... then it all stops.
This doesn't always happen (screen glitch) but when it does, the system can lock-up or "hang", then has to be re-launched. I'd be ok with that to just occasionally happen but like I hinted in my post before, the Korg VST doesn't seem to work properly in FL Studio to get any benefit from it.

I'm currently using the FL Studio Signature Bundle (20.7.1.). Whether it's the 32bit version or the 64 bit version of FL Studio, the result is the same; the Korg Triton is not functioning as expected (can not export a track using the korg Triton VST to sound "correct" as it plays offbeat / out of time with rest of channel instruments, UI screen glitch, crashes unexpectedly, and so on). I have also informed the FL Studio devs on their forum - no response as yet.

If anyone has experienced a similar problem could they please share, or if you are using the full working version of the Korg VST from the Korg Collection 2 in FL Studio, please could you let me know how you are getting on with it, rendering / exporting tracks, midi, etc as outlined above.

I appreciate that the rest of the Korg Collection 2 is very good, but I purchased the collection with the Trition VST as the main reason to purchase.
All I want to do is be able to use it!!!!!!!

Maybe you have a DAW which the Korg Triton VST works 100% with no issues in exporting a track to WAV, FLAC, mp3, etc because in FL Studio, it absolutely sucks.

UPDATE 22 July 2020 - At this point I didn't know (still don't know) my way around Native Instruments "Komplete Kontrol" but there's an option screen to scan VST plugins.... and it scanned the Korg Collection.
I tried adding the Triton VST into the Komplete Kontrol (the KK drop-down menu, under Instruments).... AND IT WORKS IN FL STUDIO! Well, sort of.
To be honest, hopes were lifted for a very short time - hopes sadly dashed as the Korg Triton VST still plays off-beat in FL Studio but not as bad - less screen glitches in Komplete Kontrol. Odd!

The rest of the Korg Collection 2 VSTs are fine and work very well, but I have concluded the Korg Triton VST sadly doesn't work properly in FL Studio 20.7.1. or any previous build as far back as 20.5.

I can not say for other DAW's but for FL Studio users considering purchasing the complete Korg Collection 2, go for it. But do not be surprised if you experience the same or similar issues with the Korg Triton VST I've outlined above.

* UPDATE AUGUST 12 2020 *

There are improvements using the Korg Triton VST in FL Studio Release Candidate 20.7.2 [build 1847].
The Triton VST can function in this build although there are some small issues that keep it from being 100% awesome.
Slowly getting there.
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