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Top 50 Most Wanted Enhancements for Kronos
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Approved Merchant

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 08, 2020 6:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm a simple man with simple requests:

1 - Automatically link Combi's/Programs/Sequences/Drum Patterns/etc... as objects so you can load dependencies instead of requiring entire banks. Kurzweil has been doing this since the 1990's. I want to be able to select a Combi, and it loads EVERYTHING it needs automatically to make it work.

Programmatically, it can be done very easily using a hash for each dependent object. Store the hash in the header of a file making it easy to find and reference.

2 - Better IFX regarding distortions, amp/cabinet emulations, etc. My 20+ year old POD sounds better than what's in the Kronos right now.

3 - 64 bit. Duh.

4 - A PC interface that turns the Kronos into a VST instrument. I'd love to be able to program the Kronos from my PC and control it as though it were a VST (And stop trying to do this via SYSEX - It's slow and doesn't work. There's a USB BUS available! Hell, even a network connection would provide a better experience)

5 - WIFI integration, see above.

6 - If Korg allowed you to run a VST (Call it a "User VST Block") that users can copy a VST into memory and run a single VST at a time, that would be amazing.

7 - HDMI out for a proper UI that supports mouse/keyboard. We can eliminate the need for a PC-style VST if there's a proper built-in UI that you can control more like a PC.

8 - Like many have mentioned, better file management. I manage everything on my Kronos via FTP but not everyone is as comfortable cutting a hole in the bottom and running a network cable to a router to do this.

9 - Get rid of HD-1 banks and EXi banks and just have BANKS. Period.


(I'm trying not to repeat what was mentioned already in the thread but some things are common complaints I get from users while working on the Kronos)

11 - MP3 support for samples would go a long way.

12 - BETTER SAMPLE MANAGEMENT. This whole idea that samples are completely independent from programs, linking between files, and samples requiring a specific file location for the loading script to function properly is ridiculous. If you change a folder name, you break samples too easily. Treat samples like objects like I've mentioned above, the same methods could easily apply.

There are more but those are the biggest headaches I hear from my clients whom I support on the Kronos.
Korg Kronos 88 2, Korg Kronos 73, Kurzweil K2600S
Sound developer, custom sound designer and trainer/Kronos support - www.audora.ca for details!
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 6:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Lots more RAM
Lots more User Banks (Program/Combi)
Transferable Sound Library License to New Kronos 3
Automatic transfer of Sound Library License to ALL of my Kronos (I have 3!)
Better user interface and easier sample and file management
Use of Kronos as Asio Audio interface
More of physical modelling
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2020 10:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The last Korg driver is just a "plaisanterie" ! I won't use it anymore.~~~~~~

Please Korg : a TRUE REAL DRIVER

trees are going fast.


Current Gear : Kronos 88 / Seaboard Rise / Triton Extreme / Sequoia / Motif Rack XS / TC Helicon voicelive rack / Audio & VSTi plug-ins connected /wide touchscreen / iPad Pro 512.
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