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How I Changed My Battery On The Korg 01/W ProX

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2010 5:52 am    Post subject: How I Changed My Battery On The Korg 01/W ProX Reply with quote

NOTE: When removing the screws use a proper size Phillips head screwdriver. Test a few from your tool box and make sure it feels like a good fit. I almost stripped a few of the screws myself. Make sure the head of the screwdriver is all the way in, and press kind of hard to get them loose. If not your screwdriver will slip and it will scratch your keyboard and strip the screws. I hope I do not have to take it apart again. I kind of “semi stripped” some of the screw heads. I am afraid I will not be able to get them off again. Maybe they are Metric??

1. To access the battery of the KORG 01/W ProX I placed the keyboard on our dining room table (A flat surface).( I could not do it on my keyboard stand because the arms for the second keyboard would be in the way for the lid to open). My wife scooted it out far enough on the table for me to remove the Three Screws on the bottom. I removed the ‘Three Screws” on the bottom like your directions said.
2. Then I removed the “Seven screws” on the back like your instructions said.
3. When the three screws from the bottom are out and the seven screws from the back panel our out. The top lid will now be able to open.
4. Have two people lift the lid from each end at the same time. You will feel resistance on the “joystick” end, because on that end are a few “flexible metal tabs” that keep the lid tight. When you shut the lid when you are done with the project you have to make sure the “flexible metal tabs” are going down in straight. Otherwise the lid will not shut and you could scratch the keyboard as well.
5. Open the lid carefully and slowly and not to far! You have to open it enough to see the “motherboard” on the top of the inside of the lid. The motherboard is located on the “joystick side” mounted just under the top lid. It is kind of difficult to get to because you cannot open the lid very far. (At least we did not). I think we could have opened it a few more inches, but I was scared to, but I think it opened more than we did. We just opened it far enough to reach in and pop out the battery and put a new one in. Someone will have to hold the lid up, while the other does the battery change.
6. Once the lid is open far enough to see the motherboard and the battery, touch something metal so no ESD damage will occur. My battery did not have the “arm” holding it in. It was the kind of socket you just push in the battery. We tried to push down on the backside of the battery to flip it up so we could pull it out but could not do that because we could not get enough pressure on it because of the angle of the lid. My wife just grabbed one of her scrapbooking tools (A plastic screwdriver) and gently just “plucked it out of the socket”.
7. Place the new battery in the socket, make sure it is in good, shut the lid slowly (making sure no wires or LED cables etc move or get pinched. Then as the lid gets closer to being closed take your hand and gently push back the “flexible metal tabs” from the lid, so they go down straight behind the keys, then your lid will now be shut.
8. Replace the screws, place keyboard back on stand, power up, reload disks, and then play your KORG 01/W ProX!!

In a nutshell to change the battery for the Korg 01/W ProX

Remove the three screws from the bottom, the seven screws from the back panel. Open the lid until you can see the motherboard, and open far enough to reach in and change the battery, ( you may have to use a small plastic screwdriver to pluck it out of the socket) replace battery, close lid, replace screws. Play keyboard!

Here is more information on where the "Three Screws" on the bottom are, and the "Seven Screws" on the back panel are.

Label Holds Location
D side plates There are four screws, one in each corner. Label each with a "D". As you come forward from the back two screws, there are two more, one on the left and one on the right. Label each "D". That is, the four screws most towards the back are "D".

E upper case Coming forward from the back, after the four "D" screws, are three screws in a line from left to right. Each has a washer. Label each "E".

A keyboard Jumping to the front, there are 7 screws in a line between the two "D" screws in the corners. Label all 7 as "A".

B front bar spacer Right behind the middle "A" screw (fourth "A" screw from either end) is a single screw. Label it "B".

C joystick panel On the floppy drive side are the only two screws not yet labeled. One is next to the corner "D" screw, the other next to the rubber foot. Label each "C"

1. To open the upper case
A stick of wood is required to hold the top panel open. Get one first!
1.1 On the bottom panel, remove (3) 4x18 screws labeled "E".
1.2 On the back panel, remove (7) screws, all near the card slots and MIDI jacks. (3) screws near the card slots (one each side, one under); (1) screw between card slots and MIDI jacks; (2) screws, one each side of the MIDI jacks; (1) screw closest to MIDI jack screw.
1.3 Open the upper case being CAREFUL not to touch the card slot on the rear panel and both side plates.

You should now be able to change the battery or do other simple repairs.


Super Dave
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