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Getting to know you.
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Platinum Member

Joined: 19 Jun 2011
Posts: 2977
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, 2014 3:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


This is me,Jeremy Thornton. This was taken this summer in my guitarists backyard. I'm 59 and depending on the weather, might feel older or younger! Wink I'm playing my kronos and you can see the back of my king korg. The band is called September Skye. Right now we're working on our second cd. I'm not on the first.

This should be a video of me playing with some old friends. We're playing a song that was a gold record for us way back in the seventies.

I've always been a huge korg fan and still have my Minikorg that I bought in 1972.
I work for a company called Clydesdale Custom Cases and we build road cases for everything. I built my case for my Kronos myself.
I'm primarily a rock keyboard player but I've also played other styles and also play guitar and bass.
I head over heels in love with my second wife and have a daughter and 2 grandchildren form my first marriage.
I live in Toronto, Canada in a 3 bedroom apartment. Would love a house but can't afford one yet but at least we have a cottage in the country to escape too and since we're both artists of a sort, we have an art/recording studio. I love food and my wife loves cooking! Perfect!
I have to go now but I'll add more later. Gotta help the inlaws get ready for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Smile Smile Smile
If music is the food of love, play on and play loud!
Gear: Kronos 73, Triton Pro-X, Wavestation EX, Polysix, King Korg, Monotron and Monotron Duo, Minikorg, 1 Roland U-20, Hammond M3, 4 accoustic and 6 electric guitars, 1 Ibanez 5 string bass, a bunch of microphones and other very cool toys, 1 wife and 2 cats!
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Derek Cook
Approved Merchant
Approved Merchant

Joined: 20 Jul 2014
Posts: 1087
Location: Wales, UK

PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, 2014 8:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

It's funny, the picture you have in mind of somebody on a forum, and then you see what they really look like! Smile

Nice to see you in the flesh, so to speak, Jeremy. Smile

Here is a snapshot of me (in a rather fetching Spock's Beard T-Shirt!), forgive the Yamaha heresy on a Korg Site! Smile

This was taken in 2008 at a Pure Floyd gig. Hard to believe that in the 80s that I used to have hair longer than the good lady's, and it used to take me longer to get ready than she did! Now of course, I just wash and go! Wink I can blame the testosterone of course....

You can just about see a laptop behind me on top of a rack of Nord G2 Engine, Motif Rack ES, FS1r and (at the time) an A4000 sampler. The laptop was running Native Instruments B4II Hammond Emulator. The Kronos has allowed me to retire all of the above, although I have to say that the Nord G2 still has the edge in terms of an "organic" VA sound; but I am still getting to grips with AL1, so might be able to get it to match the G2 one day.

I'm 50 years young (the Kronos was mid-life crisis number 3 Smile ), but rather new to music. I only started playing in 1999, so I am no Rick Wakeman child prodigy. Rick Wright is within my level of playing chops, and I don't mean that in a bad way. He was the sublime glue in Pink Floyd.

I'm an electronics engineer by trade (time served Apprenticeship with the UK MoD; class of '81), who moved into development, project support, project management, but now I have regressed back to systems engineering as it is more fun. Smile I now work for a company called QinetiQ, which was spun out of the MoD research agencies in 2001.

I have been married for 25 years next year to my wife, Susan (we met in 1985), with one lovely daughter, Cerys, who is a bonfire night baby, just turned 20 (so nearly human again Wink )

We live in Ceredigion, Wales, which (when it's not raining) is one of the most beautiful parts of the world. I am privileged to be able to do a technical job in such a lovely part of the word, where the quality of life is second to none. My job requires me to travel, but you get to see parts of the world you normally wouldn't get to see. I've been inside the Arctic Circle, visited the remote Scottish Island of St. Kilda and been in Austrian and American wildernesses as a result of what I do for a living. So travelling through work has its compensations.

As well as loving to play the 'Floyd (I am currently getting ready to join a new band, a combination of ex-Pure Floyd members and some new people, called Welsh Floyd) I compose original music in Carreg Ddu and Echoes (see my signature links). As well as the music, I'm also a dab hand at programming DMX light shows.

In these projects, I play a little guitar, owning a Variax 500 and I have just purchased a Fender Strat, now fitted with a Roland GK3 pickup for a GR55 processor (mid-life Crisis number 4 Wink )

I also have a Yamaha WX5 sitting waiting for the time when I have time I get to mess with it, along with Yamaha VL in my EX5 and PLG150-VL.

Music is my main hobby, but my other hobbies are cooking (Indian, Thai, Italian and Mexican are my main favourites) and reading (huge sci-fi buff). I cycle to work to keep fit, and up until 2 weeks ago, I was the proud owner of a SAAB 93 2,8 V6/Turbo (mid-life crisis number 2) until some drunken idiot ran a red light and wrote it off (on the plus side, it was just after we had been to see our War Of The Worlds Final Arena Tour Concert in Cardiff, not before it!). So am currently getting about in the blue band van until the insurance is sorted. Rolling Eyes

I've had the Kronos since August, and am really pleased with it. To be honest the first Korg that has caught my attention, partly because Yamaha are so boring these days (compared to my EX5, TG77, SY77 and AN1x) and then of course because Korg have come up with a synth concept in the Kronos (and Oaysis) that is really powerful and potentially open ended. Those 9 sound engines will keep me going for a long time.

And just rounding off, Cubase is my DAW, and I have far too many soft synths. My favourites have to be GEForce VSM and MTRON for the classic sounds of the 70s.
Derek Cook - Java Developer

Follow kronos.factory development and submit ideas over at the kronos.factory Trello Board

My Echoes Music Website
My Carreg Ddu Music Website
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Joined: 13 Jun 2008
Posts: 11

PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 3:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My name is Chris and I have been playing music since I was a child. My first instrument was a xylophone I made out of Lincoln Logs. The thing only had 5 notes and they weren't any recognizable scale.

Some of my earliest real instruments were made by Korg, including a DDD-1 drum machine.

I have been working as the hotel package coordinator for large Rock festivals for a few years now. It was a part-time gig for a while but last year I left my corporate job as a business analyst and decided to do the festival thing full-time.

Less money but me happiness.

Here is the show we have coming up next week: www.welcometorockvillefestival.com

And here is a picture of me:

I've got a wife and a kid who put up with me.

Here is a pic of some of my favorite gear:

Korg gear:
2 DDD-1's (one w/ sampling board)
Mini Kaossilator
Mini Kaoss Pad
Korg Flanger
Electribe ES-1
Electribe ES-1 Mk II
Electribe EA-1
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Platinum Member

Joined: 19 Jun 2011
Posts: 2977
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 7:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Derek Cook. Bald guys rock! I'm usually wearing a hat. Sunburn in the top of the head is just more trouble than it's worth. I really like your tee-shirt. Spock's Beard is truly one of my all time favorite bands. Unfortunately living here in Toronto, we almost never get any prog bands coming through. Spock's Beard is playing in Montreal next Wednesday but it 5 hours away and I'm not about to drive that far. Can't afford it because I'd also have to take a day off work. Wife's laid off too. It sucks.

For some reason, Toronto is a prog black hole. Too many people want pop and dj's I guess. Lately I've noticed that even the metal bands often skip right on by.
Oh well. I've still got my stereo! And my studio.
If music is the food of love, play on and play loud!
Gear: Kronos 73, Triton Pro-X, Wavestation EX, Polysix, King Korg, Monotron and Monotron Duo, Minikorg, 1 Roland U-20, Hammond M3, 4 accoustic and 6 electric guitars, 1 Ibanez 5 string bass, a bunch of microphones and other very cool toys, 1 wife and 2 cats!
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Full Member

Joined: 28 Sep 2014
Posts: 142
Location: Adelaide, Australia

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 10:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey all,

Believe it or not I hadn't seen this intro thread before so I'm posting 2.5 years after I joined!

My name is Paul, and I've been playing in bands since my late teens - as I type this I'm now 44 years young.

Have a couple of projects going on at the moment, this is the biggest and most time-consuming one: http://www.echoesofpinkfloyd.com.au/index.php

I'm currently running an all-Korg rig so I jump on this forum from time to time to see if I can learn something or help others. I didn't really intend to have an all-Korg setup, but it just kind of evolved that way.

I've owned the King Korg and Krome 61 since they first came out, and I bought a pre-loved SV-1 88 going back about a year or so. I'm very pleased with all three 'boards and hope I can hang onto them for a bit longer yet before upgrading.

I also have a cool little Roland Juno-Gi which I use for home practice, and I have a beaten up Yamaha SY-22 in the shed which I used to gig with it many moons ago. My final "keyboard" is a Baldwin 152cm baby grand in the living room which is my other practice weapon - badly needs tuning at the moment.

Married to one lovely wife and have two great teenage lads.
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Senior Member

Joined: 15 Aug 2017
Posts: 474
Location: Australia

PostPosted: Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ah, The King And I, I've never watched the entire film....but if it's got something to do with Julie Andrews, you know us Aussies have been smashed with it since birth!

Yeah, so like Paul above me, I'm from Oz too, just a different side of the island. And like Paul, I also am 44yrs old. Unlike Paul, my name is Mark Smile

I work in the exhibition industry building tradeshows and expos. Could pay better but it provides enough to fund my forever GAS. It can be a wild ride at time. I've been to nearly every capital city in the country doing it, as well as a lot of small cities too. Very much like music, we work odd hours and have to travel a lot, but don't really get to see the sights. I have about a hundred photos of the same point of the street between the Crown Casino Melbourne and the MCEC, all from the same building, only from varying heights and times of day. I've run into old school friends at times who now play in travelling tribute shows in airports. We trade stories of bad hotels and too long gone from our family and our own beds.

Somehow I ended up attending schools with a major focus on music. My primary school was used as a musical grooming school for the highschool I attended. My family is very musical, with many of my aunts being trained pianists as well as my mum. That said, I know I was sent to the closest school there was. Mum plays downed her abilities at piano as it was a long time ago and she hasn't played since I was born.

Started on the recorder like most Aussie kids, then trombone for the 6yrs of highschool, giving it away for keys in '92. Learnt bass during that time (as the music was written in bass clef so I didn't need to learn to read again, heheh). Some basic guitar was also picked up as it can't be avoided for some reason. I'd love to learn drums, but just don't have the space for a kit. My cousin says that you aren't a real musician until you learn percussion. I told him I did glockenspiel for a year in first year highschool, he reckoned it didn't count, heheh. He was a drummer in a relatively successful punk band that toured Europe a couple of times but now cooks on Mannis Island.

Played in a couple of original bands that never went anywhere and helped out with a mate's country band at times. The country band taught me that making a living out music is not glamorous nor is it life in the fast lane unless you are one of the few that become popular. More often than not it's a life of playing other people's music at venues in places far away from your bed.

Been doing home recording on and off since late last century. I'm a better musician than I am a composer, but meh, I have fun with my forever jams by my self. Sometimes my country music mate joins me getting lost in a wash synths, drums, slide and delay-lay-lay-ay-y.

About 6yrs ago I put nearly all my hobbies on the backburner to use the last of my physically active years on skateboarding. Rode every night after work until I couldn't ride any more without hurting myself by just pushing. So, the end of a 33yrs pastime, but I made a few good friends in those years and even managed to encourage one young fella into becoming a hip-hop producer. He now only speaks to me when he needs to borrow a drum machine or a patch bay or a monitor. At those times I remind him that he owes me a beer from his first pay, which was now 3yrs ago! LOL!! Ah, that's a bit of a stretch really, I do speak with him just to catch up and when I want some tips on things like compression and eq. Funny considering when I met him he was always with the questions about how to mix and record.

As I mentioned about, I have forever-GAS. I find great joy in little music boxes as they satisfy my want for weird sounds and love of learning. Part of the fun of electronic music for me is the brain workout it takes to keep all the knowledge of how to use all the gadgets!

Most other info about me has been mentioned in other threads I've replied to, so I leave it there.....
Stuff I'm using: Umm right now, this: Ever-growing Dumbmachine: Bastl Instruments, Circuit Abbey, Elby Designs, Expert Sleepers, Blue Lantern, Tiptop Audio, Make Noise, Busy Circuits, Mutable Instruments, Buchla/Topbrillo, 2hp, Metro Modular, Doepfer, Intellijel, Frostwave, Synthrotek, Korg, Arturia, Teenage Engineering, Patchblocks, Waldorf, Cat Full Of Ghosts, Music Thing Modular
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