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PostPosted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 10:47 am    Post subject: songbook Reply with quote

Here is something that you can do with songbook. First, make sure that you have the favourite banks filled with styles that you like. Then go to your computer and open any songbook in the songbook editor (you can drag and drop the songbook onto the editor providing the songbook file is opened as far as SONGDB.SBD) . The songbook editor is available at Korgpa. com (search for songbook editor). When you download and open the songbook editor, go to file, preferences, and then target. unless it’s been updated, pa600 is not mentioned. You will have to choose PA3x as your keyboard. Then, with the songbook open in the editor, you will see, on the right hand side, a column headed, Resource. If you right click on a song, you can edit and change the resource. If you hold the shift key, you can select as many songs as you wish. There are two ways you can approach this. Either edit one song at a time, or edit 25 (or more) songs at a time (which is obviously less laborious but not quite as good). Allocate 25 different song resources to each of the 12 favourite banks (25 x 12 banks = 300 songs). If you edit 25 songs in one edit, allocate all 25 songs to bank 21 (or 22 or any bank between 21 and 32), then leave everything else un-edited. Favourite bank 1 on your keyboard is not resource bank 16 in the editor, as you might expect, but bank 21, so favourite banks 1 to 12 on your keyboard are banks 21 to 32 in the editor. Save all the resource changes and then load the altered songbook into your keyboard (don’t forget to save the existing one first). Now when you play any songbook song, you will find that those old Styles, Tempos, instruments, etc., you know so well, are changed. Furthermore, if you press the track select button and check (or un-check) the “Original Style Sounds” box, the instruments will change again. You can also lock the tempo if you wish (to prevent some styles from sounding too manic). To give even more variations on those old styles, you can cycle the 12 favourite banks of styles so that, the original favourite bank 1 now becomes bank 2 and bank 12 becomes bank 1 and so on. This will give you a cycle of 12 different groups of 12 banks. All these groups of favourite banks can be saved so that you can reload them quickly at any time. This may not be to everyone’s taste but it will certainly change the styles around and might even produce a few new ideas.
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