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Effects Routing: ( Triton )

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 16, 2002 1:45 pm    Post subject: Effects Routing: ( Triton ) Reply with quote

Hi all.
Though you might find this an interesting read.

This example will utilize a SEQUENCE that has 4 independent tracks using different effects to achieve a good mix.  The instruments used are:
1) piano with EQ and reverb
2) bass with chorus and compression
3) drums with its own exciter and then sent out the L/R output or any one of the individual outputs
4) guitar with eq and phaser, delay, compressor and reverb WOW what a lot of processing!
5) strings that bypass the insert effect and use a blend of master effects

Create a new song so that there are no effects on it.  Set up the first four tracks in the sequencer mode to these instruments.
Track 1: A001
Track 2: A118
Track 3: A036
Track 4: B021
Track 5: A003
All instruments are dry at the moment.  Let's set up our effects.  First we will start with master effects.  Since from the example above, 3 out of 4 instruments use compression we will use that as master (MFX) 1.   Go to master effects page P9 (also touch screen tab "Master FX") and select effect 002 as MFX1.  Since 2 of the instruments use reverb, let's use effect 052 as MFX2.  Be sure to turn both master effects "ON" and set returns 1 and 2 to 127.

Now go to insert effect P8, also touch screen tab "Routing 1-8".  This is how we will set things up.  Because we have a plan, set the IFX/individual OUT bus select as follows:
Track 1 IFX1
Track 2 IFX2
Track 3 IFX3
Track 4 IFX4
Track 5 L/R  You will notice that below the BUS select you have to values of 000.  This is where we would select the mixture of master effects for our string patch.  For now set MFX1 send to 20 and MFX2 send to 127.  Try out track 5 and you will hear the reverb

Touch screen tab "Insert FX" and turn on all the IFX's.  Then do as follows.
IFX1 007 StParametric EQ
IFX2 016 Stereo Chorus
IFX3 011 St.Exciter/Enhncr
IFX4 061 P4EQ-Phaser and chain this to IFX 5 (Last box to the left/bottom)
IFX5 044 Stereo/Cross Delay

Now play the piano (track 1).  You should here the eq working.  To set the compressor and reverb (master effects) set the send 1 and 2 to a high value so you may hear the change.  Change to our bass (track 2) and you will hear the chorus.  To set the compressor on the bass use only send 1(compressor and no reverb for this example).

Change to the drums (track 3) and you will hear the exciter on the drums.  Let's talk about the bus select parameter on this page.  If you wish to send the drum kit out to one of the individual outs AFTER insert effects have been applied, then select 1-4 from the BUS select. However if you want to send a dry signal and bypass the insert effects, touch the screen tab "routing 1-8" and select for track#3 BUS select 1-4.  Also at this menu is a selection called DKit which means the drumkit will use the output and bus assignments you have stipulated in "GLOBAL P5 Drum kits".  Let's go back to out initial scenario of sending the drums out the main outputs. Set the send 1 and 2 to a high level to hear the change.

Now for our guitar.  Select track 4 and you will hear the phaser and delay.  I want to put the guitar hard panned to the right in my mix so I change my pan on this window to R127.  Further I want a lot of processing so I set my sends 1 and 2 to use the master effects as well on the guitar.

Of course I haven't even spoken about modifying insert or master effects.  I leave that up to your ears.  I have chosen the effects and settings simply for this exercise.  You can hear the differences you are making but please do not send me any e-mail explaining that my mixes must be too "wet"!!

NOTE:  If you are using the copy insert and master effect options on your Triton, many people call me up and say that it is not working.  Chances are that program and effects you love so much utilizes insert and master effects in some sort of routing.  When you copy insert effects the routing does not come along with it.  Usually going to Insert Effect P8 of the sequencer and touching the tab screen Routing 1-8 or 9-16 for the track you are looking for, and finally setting the IFX/Individual BUS select to IFX1 does the trick.  
Any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

As you can see if you know ahead of time what kind of instruments and effects you will want in your song, the Triton offers the most flexibility to get that SOUND you are looking for.  Just be sure that you have a game plan so to speak when working with effects.

Steve Knowles
Product Support, Korg Canada
e-mail sknowles@korgcanada.com

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