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Korg Creator almost released! 50% off

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 12, 2015 7:08 pm    Post subject: Korg Creator almost released! 50% off Reply with quote

Hello, sorry for the advertising-related post, but I hope it's acceptable. I also apologize for the repeating of information I may have already posted.

Perhaps you've heard about the Creator products that are being "created" (ha) by Chicken Systems for various workstations, included the Korg Kronos/M3/Triton. For the Korg's it's called (obviously) Korg Creator.

(I will use the word "Korg" to mean the Kronos, M3/M50, and Triton workstations that have RAM or streaming capabilities to them.)

And yes, this program supports the Korg Triton!

This is a Mac and Windows program that facilitates the creation of sample-based Korg Banks, forming Programs (even Combis) using the Multisamples and Samples with RAM/streaming of the Korg workstation series. The Korg's as you know have been lacking in management facilities and creation of sample-based Multisamples. With Korg Creator you can fully create, edit and manage your Korg Banks.

Our Creator series started with the Motif Creator program, released about two years ago. This has been very successful, and we designed it internally to adapt to other workstation formats such as the Korg workstations. For a product video of Motif Creator, see here:

Korg Creator looks almost identical to Motif Creator, except it has Korg-friendly text and aligns itself to the 2-8 Velocity Zones that Korg Programs work with, along with other Korg-specific things.

Not only that, Korg Creator includes the awesome Chicken Systems Conversion Engine, which enables you to simply drag and drop any instrument format (SoundFonts, Kontakt, EXS24, SFZ, over 60 other formats!) into a Kronos Document in Korg Creator and converts it directly to Kronos format. You can see immediately all the Combis, Programs, Multisamples, and Samples that are created.

Even better, Korg Creator includes our new Auto Sampler, which enables you to automatically sample software AND hardware instruments directly into a Kronos bank. Imagine taking an awesome Kontakt Instrument and funneling it straight into your Kronos! Wow.

A demonstration version of Korg Creator is available for you to check out:

Documentation is online here:

Here's a pic of the packaging of the Creator series, which is just starting to come in:

Anyway, I'm posting the information that the release date is almost upon us: Monday, August 17th, 2015. As well, Korg Creator has been on sale during the entire pre-release/beta time (since June) for 50% off. The MSRP is $79.95, but the 50% off is only $39.98. We will hold this price in place through Monday and it will end Wednesday, August 19th, 2015.

Put simply, here's the difference between pre-release/beta and release:

    Pre-release/Beta: We yell at YOU for any bugs/issues that exist.
    Release: You yell at US for any bugs/issues that exist.

So, to get in the 50% price, order before Wednesday August 19th. Here is the product page:

For any questions, as I don't frequent this forum often, please email us at support@chickensys.com. You can post questions at this forum, and for a time I'll try to answer them, but for quicker response, please email.

Thanks for your time - long live the Kronos, M3, and Triton workstations!

Garth Hjelte
Chicken Systems, Inc.
Email: support@chickensys.com
Phone: 320-235-9798
Garth Hjelte
Chicken Systems
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 30, 2017 3:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I buy, becouse i would like to speed up my work, but there is no speed.

1)Autosampler bring latency to each file... compare to daw, there is no latency... So you have to manualy set start... on each sample.
So if you have program with 1 multisample (around 21 samples C D# F# A) = 61 key you have to change sample start in 21 sample!...

2)It's complete unstable in my environment 10.10.5 yosemite.
Crash a lot of time...

If you ask me if i wanna money back yes...
I spend 3 night... doing a lot of samples... and loose my job more then 10 times... cause it's crash... So i have to save all the time... Cause you never know when it's crash again.
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