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I bought Gadget Switch

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 3:27 am    Post subject: I bought Gadget Switch Reply with quote

I'm completely underwhelmed.

Let's forget for a moment the whole file transfer thing - you can work around it, and even record out stems with some patience.

Let's forget the basic selection of Gadgets, and the rather silly cooperative mode.

I got it knowing about those downsides, because it was something that I could use around my family while still, at least, sketching music in a useful fashion, and in that role it kind of succeeded.

But with all the new hardware I would have expected massive powers compared to, for example, DSN-12, and it's not really there.

DSN-12 offers three send effects. Gadget gives one reverb. That right there is a step back.

But even so, let's consider software that came out in 2017: Caustic 3.2. Yes, the evolution of a line of software, not the first version.

Caustic has a similar model to Gadget, but is a lot more musically useful in many ways. Even acknowledging that Gadget's gadgets sound good, and sometimes incorporate their own effects, that doesn't compare with Caustic giving every channel its own channel strip plus two insert effects plus two send effects, plus two master insert effects as well as parametric EQ and limiter.

In addition, Gadget's arranger capability is pretty sad compared to Caustic's. Caustic lets you arrange the channel sequences with great flexibility, as well as having master automation. Plus, you can plug in a USB MIDI keyboard to your tablet and Caustic will use it.

KORG/Detune, you could and should have done better on this.
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