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Korg PA50 external MIDI keyboard full control

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:55 am    Post subject: Korg PA50 external MIDI keyboard full control Reply with quote

Hi folks,

I have a question about the PA50 external MIDI capabilities. Is possible to have the same behavior as the built-in keyboard when a secondary MIDI keyboard or controller is attached ?

The question came because I bought a microArranger which is the same sound engine architecture as the PA50, same engine, same sounds, same panel user interface but the split function for lower and upper part is not working when an external MIDI controller is attached (explained on the link below)

Yesterday I asked on Korg Arrangers (General) but nobody answer about that. Below the forum link topic explaining in detail the issue.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Alfredo,

I'm assuming you are trying to drive the Micro Argr with the pA50 as master?
Are you aware that on the pA50 there are midi in out options under *Global*,, Page 4 sets up the midi in /out options.
Not sure what the Micro has but I'm told they are very similar?

Also Global, page 7 sets up chord recognition channels.
This is quite tricky to get your head around if you are not familiar with midi.

The pA50 receives a control Channel (which can be set) and that triggers chord recognition, Maybe try one of the Accordion setups and see what happens. They derive chord data on more than one midi Ch. (I think?)

I use an external keyboard to drive the pA50 and I use Global Default
(I think?)
I actually Don't want the control keyboard to split.. I want the pA50 accompaniment to track the whole keyboard range coming from the control keyboard.

My control keyboard does not trigger the pA50 main panel midi Ch's (i.e. uppper 1,2 and 3 or lower) it triggers a free channel (also set to the Chord recognition Ch) on the pA50 which allows more versatility.

This way I have access to another dedicated lead instrument which CANNOT be over ridden by the F1 to F4 panel settings or a change of style.

(just quietly) This is the one thing I hate about my pA50, the Style overrides any performance setups which to me is plain DUMB. Twisted Evil
It would make so much more sense to have a performance setup that stays fixed even if you change a style,, then maybe an option to change performances with style if you so wish.

The above is how I get around this limitation ,,at least its better than the restriction of the front panel setup of the Korg.
Rant over,,
Hope it helps, Phil.
Pa50sd, JV1000, tg100
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