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General MicroSampler Thread and possibility of Adding Stuff

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Joined: 20 Apr 2017
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:32 am    Post subject: General MicroSampler Thread and possibility of Adding Stuff Reply with quote

Dear Korg Forums, I just joined as I wanted to check few things with this awesome MicroSampler Machine which I am loving every day more and more.

Let's start with the two things which make me feel little down about the performance side of it:

1 the missing of the Pitch Bend / Mod Wheel

I have a MicroKorg and I rely on Pitch bend for my performance. I would like to use the MicroSampler as it gives me more sound options but this is fairly a limitation of expressiveness. I notice if i Plug an external MIDI keyboard the MS respond to the Pitch Bend (althought -1 octave / +9 semitones(? weird)).
Is there a chance to add a DIY MIDI pitchbend to it? I saw this
http://synthhacker.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/diy-midi-ribbon-controller.html and thought of adding something similar, does anyone know a simple solution here? Ribbon, joystick, slider or knob is all fine as long as I can bend the pitch!

2 Octave Shift

3 octave is pretty limited for a keyboard but on the Microkorg I don't feel so much the limitation as there is a nice Octave Shift
Playing again with the external midi keyboard I can see the the MS has a way bigger extension than 3 octave so I don't see why this omission... at the moment I save the same voice in two different patterns (which I use kind of a voice preset switch) with different octaves and switch between them using the hold to keep low notes .... is there a better option? Is it possible to add a +/- octave switch maybe via MIDI?

3 I would love a VOCODER effect!
It asks for it with this microphone, any chance they might add it via a firmware upgrade or something? it would be awesome

4 (Minor one): would love to have 2 effects at the same time
I would love to have a delay fixed for the everything on top of everything like it is now. a little bit as the Electribe ES1 where you can select one effect and have the Delay always available on everything.

these are the small things to an otherwise perfect machine.

If they would make a MS2 I would love to have these features alongside a step sequencer like Electribe ES1 (I mean with physical buttons) they could make the light strip with switches where the first 16 are step sequencers and the rest selectable sound for it and the keyboard to play chromatically...

I like the concept of the Roland JD-Xi but I would love to see something similar from korg with a fusion between MicroKorg and ES1

two version (one with small keys and one with big 5 octave) and I would buy both!

Anyway this MicroSampler is AMAZING and I love it.
What's your opinion of the above? do I have any chance to fix at least the first two with MIDI? Thank you!! and love to this forum!
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I agree with you, my friend! The microSampler is excellent. I use it every day.

However, Korg has never updated the microSampler since it was released in 2009. They have not supported it since 2011. They will never update it again.

Korg does not own this forum and probably never visits it. These forums are for users only.

1 the missing of the Pitch Bend / Mod Wheel.

The microSampler does NOT respond to modulation no matter what device you use. As you know, you CAN use pitch bend by means of an external device that transmits pitch bend messages such as a keyboard or even a Korg Kaoss Pad. You will have to adjust the external device to determine how much pitch bend information will be sent.

2 Octave Shift

I use the old, rare Anatek PocketTranspose

It was made from 1989-1992 and sometimes comes up on eBay. I love it. It allows me to use the microSampler to play and sample synths on my iPad. Awesome!

What's your opinion of the above?

Korg limited the microSampler for the same reason nobody makes a cheap keyboard sampler: If you know how to use a sampler, you'll never want to buy a synth again. That would be deadly to Korg/Yamaha/Roland synthesizer sales, so cheap keyboard samplers are always limited in some way or they are not made at all.

The MC909 and the RS7000 are the best samplers I've used that combine the microSampler with the ES-1. But they are not as easy to use. But they do allow 3 effects simultaneously and they can treat you samples like synthesizer oscillators.

I think they are the closest you'll get to what you want. Good luck and have fun![/img]
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