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May i introduce myself

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Joined: 15 Dec 2017
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 12:35 pm    Post subject: May i introduce myself Reply with quote

Hello @all,
i am new to this community and want to introduce myself, before i send a questions that may be answered by the community here. First sorry for my bad english.
Started with keys about 20 years ago, my first professional Korg Machine was a 01/W-FD. Loved this thing, loved the Demo created by Stephen Kay. Created my entire first Album just with the 01/W and an Akai S950 sampler.
Next I owned a Korg Trinity and then later a Triton Studio and a Karma Workstation. Little by little the Rack was filled with some Yamaha, Waldorf and Kawai Tonegenerators, and with a Triton Rack with Sample Ram maxed out to 64 MB.
To get the “On the Run”-Loop and some other Synth / Moog Sounds for a Pink Floyd Coverband, I bought a Radias about 4 years ago. For smaller Gigs with some Coverbands I also bought some used M50, which died one after the other by the well known M50 freeze-Error (which had its reason in just 2 faulty capacitors on the mainboard).
So I had to look for a new Keyboard for live Gigs, but due to the f….. Korg Support to the M50 Errors that were “not repairable because of discontinued Product”, I was annoyed about Korg and didn’t want to buy any new Korg Product ever. Then @ my local dealer I tested MOXF6, FA-06 and the Krome. WOW, standing right in Front of the Krome, everything felt so familiar, I had the impression to be “home” again. But NO, i didn't want to buy any more Korg Product. Hmmm… or maybe…?????
So I started to google anything about the Krome, trying to find some Threads talking about damn Hardware, OS-bugs, lack of Support , maybe Freeze Bugs and so on. I just wanted to have the sureness to do all right NOT to buy any Korg Product again. But there wasn’t anything of these, except the Issue with the pops and tick piano-sound, which was identified as an internal SD-Card Issue BY THIS FORUM’s COMMUNITY, NOT BY KORG!
HA, I thought, again Korg saved money at the wrong end, again fooled their Users, made some useless mainboard replacements and many Krome users were disappointed by Korg again.
Then I continued reading the Thread and found out that this seems to be the only Problem with the Krome, and that fixing it by User is easy. By the Way I found the information about the Krome’s ability to load Samples. In the End I found www.kromeheaven.com which was the cherry on top of the icecream 

Yesterday I ordered my brandnew KROME 61 Platinum Edition. Why? Because this machine _has_ Errors, but they are harmless, correctable and Krome has a soooooo brilliant community. And in the End, I love the touch screen and “Home again” Feeling.
SO KORG, if you read this: NOT YOU convinced me to purchase the Krome, the Community here did it!
I downloaded Win32 Disk Imager, the 34 point description of “stale”, and Kromatic. I think I will create my own SD-Card Image as long as the original Card is up and running correctly.
Next I will download the M1 Expansion Package.
And here comes my first Question, depending samples:
As far as I understood, there can only be one File loaded at a time, holding the Samples. I want the M1 Sounds and additionally I want some of my own samples. Is it possible to edit the M1-Expansion Sample-File (with Kromatic) and add some of my own samples (e.g. some FXs, fired in one Shot), so that on the next start the Krome loads the M1 Expansion Pack with my own samples so that the M1 Expansion is still working but I have my handful of FX-Samples available too?

Merry Christmas to all of you!
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome to the forum.

It would be worth putting the question in the last paragraph into a new posting in the Krome section of the forum.
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