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Suggestions for Kronos future update (by Korg or 3rd party)!

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Kevin Nolan
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 16, 2011 5:24 pm    Post subject: Suggestions for Kronos future update (by Korg or 3rd party)! Reply with quote

Hi -

Working with the OASYS recently has suggested the following features that would work well and could be implemented in the Kronos and give it a real edge in real-world scenarios, especially the rapid pace world of media music:

1. 'Envelope templates', appropriate to given types of acoustic instruments - for example simulation bowing of various types, pizz, plucking, hammer, wind blowing soft and hard...

These would represent a new category of data item I accept but it would allow for rapid programming of various instrument types.

2. 'LFO/Modulation Templates'. This might involve the design of new LFO shapes but with the step sequencer, AMS Mixers and wave shaping may be currently possible. Examples here include 'Pitched Tremolo', 'unpitched Tremolo', 'flutter', trills (for percussion)....the potential is endless and could range from a myriad of Orchestra articulations and gestures to natural environment sounds. For example, pitched tremolo is not vibrato - it needs something different - a kind of 'elastic bounce' back and forth between the two chosen pitches. So acoustic modulations like these need careful consideration beyond the normal LFO options and having a selection of templates to work from would be great.

3. Realtime Controller templates - providing realtime control of the above two.

Actually - many of these could be implemented as new Karma Generated Effects - what about it Stephen and E2J - is this a new use and market for Karma?? Indeed, anyone who buys Stephen Kay's KK software (I assuming there will be a KarmaKronos software suite as there is a KO one) would be able to design such new Generated Effects. As an aside, for those new to the world of OASYS and Kronos here - a feature not mentioned much to date is that ypu'll be able to eventually buy Stephen Kay's stunning Karma software for Kronos. It will run on PC or Mac and transform your workstation. You'll be able to design and upload to Kronos new Generated Effects (a Generated Effect is a pattern of some sort that can be manipulated in real time). A basic example would be to take a MIDI drum pattern, load it into Karmos Software, link the pattern to the Karma engine so that you can 'play' and manipulate any aspect of the drum pattern on the Kronos in real time - giving you the ability to perform with the running pattern.

Overall, the HD-1 and EXs's could be greatly enhanced with fine progamming of the Kronos' awesome programming features, and the provision of a wide selection of templates would massivly enhance the programming experience.

I suppose users could roll their sleeves up and program these too, or perhaps there's a market for such templates and finly programmed programs from a 3rd party? Whichever way you skin it, the OASYS has taught me that it's envelope, realtime control and modulation features are incredibly deep but alas quite time consuming to get right, and it'd be great to unleash this power as suggested here.

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