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sequencer to daw

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 10:26 pm    Post subject: sequencer to daw Reply with quote

Ok I have never used a sequencer. I have used logic a bit. Now that I am looking at a workstation how tuff is it to get your sequenced stuff into a daw and mix it with parts recorded in the daw? Sorry but I am new to this and trying to learn. Are sequencers recording in midi only? Can that be sent to a daw? Kind of confusing here at the beginning.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:52 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

(oh sorry, it's an old question ... )

Hello, my english is not good and I don't know if I understand your question right? But I'll try it! Smile

1. transfer notes from the workstation to your software sequencer:

This works with midi connection. On the Kronos for example you have USB midi for that or you can use the normal midi connection (Midi Out from the workstation - to - Midi In of your soundcard / midi Interface and Midi In from the workstation - to - Midi Out of your soundcard, too)

So you can play your melody on the keyboard and record the notes to your software sequencer. With midi out this notes are playing the sounds back from the workstation.

Note, that you to adjust your midi settings in your DAW for this!

On a sequencer like the Kronos you can save midi files and import them as a file in your software sequencer. So you save that file from the Kronos to an USB Stick and then connect this USB Stick to your PC / Mac ...

2. transfer audio from workstation to DAW

Here you need for example an audiocard with Line In connections! So you connect it from Line Out of your workstation to Line In of your soundcard. And then you route this Line In from your soundcard to a software sequencer mixer channel.

So if you play a sequence from your midi connection, the audio signal should arrive in your DAW mixer channel, too.

You should use a good soundcard with good ASIO drivers for that because of latency ... !

I hope it helps and sorry if there are mistakes!
Sorry my english is not very good, so sometimes I have to edit my posts to delete mistakes!

My current equipment:
Korg Radias - Korg Trinity - Korg EMX - Access Virus B - Yamaha RS7000 - Roland JD990
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What I also used but meanwhile sold or only tested:
Kronos 88 (only tested) - Korg N364 - Korg Trinity V3 - AccessVirusA - Kawai K5000S - MC 505 - YomoXBase09 - Cubase 3/4 - Ableton8 - Reaper - Albino 3 - Predator - Rapture - Alchemy
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 2:23 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Clipnotic, I see that you mentioned latency so I am hoping you can help with this:
Latency Problem - Reason 5 / Korg PA1x-Pro Question

It is probably a simple issue for you but not for me:

I am using Reason 5 and connect my Korg PA1X-Pro keyboard via midi, so it's the usual setup for midi recording. My issue is latency. I haven't got any special gear, all I use is a driver called ASIO4ALL driver and it seems to help but not great.

Could you please recommend an external device or anything which I could use to get rid of the latency problem? All I do is midi and do not require wav or actual sound recording so I presume a cheap device would do? Any suggestions please?

I am currently using an on-board SoundCard on my laptop hence the problem. I would like to buy an external device but not sure what to buy as there are thousands of products out there and some are not really relevant to what I require. I already have a USB to MIDI cable/adapter. I have Intel i5 processor with 4gb RAM. I used Reason with an older PC with a good soundcard so the sound card could be the issue?

What should I buy? Could you recommend something please.

As I said, I don't want to record vaw files or any external devices, all I want to do is use Reason.

Thanks in advance
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